Welcome to our new website!


This page will serve as a focal point for all our different channels, making it easy for you to find what ever you need to know about State of Salazar and what we are up to. Much have happen lately so we'll use this first post to compile everything that might be fun to check out, if you might have missed it. Hope you'll enjoy our website! 

Frontiers Rock Festival was an amazing experience for us! We had so much fun meeting this wonderful AOR-audience and getting to show some new songs from our up-coming debut album. The whole stay felt like a huge hug! We would like to thank everyone who showed up at our show and made it a great moment for us. Thank you! Here you find the song Eat Your Heart Out performed in Milano at FRF.

Our debut album All The Way will be out soon, it will be released on August 22nd in Europe and August 26th in North America, and we have already released our first video for the title track. If you haven't seen it you find it here. And if you have seen it - Watch it again!!!

You can pre-order the album now via iTunes and you will get the two songs All The Way and Eat Your Heart Out as instant gratification tracks. The songs are also available on Spotify.

The album has already received much attention in media with good reviews. We are truly grateful for all the kind words that have been written, and we're eagerly waiting to read what everyone else thinks about the record. Check out these awsome reviews:
viriAOR - 9,5/10
Dedicated Rocker Society
Heavy Paradise - 9/10
Sweden Rock Magazine - 8/10

On August 21st it's time for our Release Party which will take place at Babel in Malmö, Sweden. The evening will begin at 7pm with the exclusive premiere listening of the album. The concert begins at 9pm. During the evening it will also be possible to buy the album at a very affordable price. It's free entrance and the bar will be open the whole evening. Be there or be square! 

Thank you for reading. We'll be back!